On this page you can view some of my latest work on a project I am presently working on using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), I have been working on the project since October 2011 when I have had free time between school and working but have been working with and learning the UDK since its release in 2009. You can view my latest project videos on my Youtube Channel As far as the art is concerned, I ultimately intend for the game to have a Steampunk / Dieselpunk feel to it.

     I have worked on an extremely large variety of tasks, working with nearly every feature of the UDK and programming a large variety of different scripts. This is not a complete list of everything I have worked on, just some of the things that you can see in my videos relevant to the work on my project .

Programming Tasks
- AI Controller programming for player placeable AI turrets
- Vehicle coding for the implementation of wheeled vehicles
- Proximity triggerable land mines, though this could easily be adapted to other events
- User placeable objects utilizing traces and some simple collision checking to ensure valid placement
- In game Purchaseable Items (Character Classes, Placeable Objects, Weapons, Mines)
- Replication programming to ensure proper movement of turrets as well as proper effect replication of turret weapons and damage effects

UI / HUD Development with Scaleform, Flash and Actionscript 3
- Main Menu including hosting and joining a game
- Options menu including the setting of several video settings and player name
- In game menu to purchase character classes, weapons, mines and placeable objects

Particle Effects
- Scaleable smoke and fire effects for showing more damage as an object is closer to being destroyed
- Hit effects for collisions or other impacts with objects
- Smoke / Muzzle flash effects for weapons
- Explosion effects for when objects are destroyed

Level Design with Landscape System

3D Modelling, UVW Mapping and Animation Rigging using 3D Studio Max

2D Texture Art using Photoshop for diffuse, normal, specular and gloss maps


Deployable Objects