This tutorial is 7 steps and has a difficulty of Intermediate. This tutorial will show you from start to finish how to make a good signature image for use on forums or something else.

     First create a new document, I'm going to use a 300 x 100 pixel image, you can use whatever size document you want though. All colors in this tutorial are in hexadecimal (hex) value.

     2. Now, you need to set the foreground color to any color of your choice, I chose blue. Now take the pencil tool with a brush size of 1 pixel and start randomly drawing diagonal lines across the image, try a 45 degree angle or so. You only want lines, not filled in areas. It should now look similar to the image below.
Step 2

     3. Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur, now set the angle to 45, or whatever makes it blur in the direction of your lines. And set the distance to 100 pixels and press ok. It should now look like the below image.
Step 3

     4. Looks good so far right? You will need two more layers so go to Layer > New > Layer. . . and just press ok. Do that one more time. Now get a picture, of whatever you want, I used a picture of the Master Chief in Halo. Cut out the person, character, animal, object, whatever it is out of the picture and paste it into the top layer. Your image should now look like the below.
Step 4

     5. Select the second layer from the layers window. You can show the layers window by going Window > Layers. Now take the rectangular marquee tool and make a rectangle on the opposite side of the image that the object you just cut and pasted is on. This rectangle will be used for placing text onto. Your image should now look like the below.
Step 5

     6. With the layer with the rectangle on it still selected go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Set the angle to 0, or whatever blurs it to the other side of the image, and set the distance to 300 pixels. Press ok. Your image should now look like the below.
Step 6

     7. Now add some text on top of the bar. And do whatever else you want with it, the final result I came out with is below.
Step 7